This is the time of changes, the tumultuous cusp of the Golden Age promised to mankind for so long.

It is a difficult time.  But during periods of great darkness, God always sends forth his servants to show the way.  Maybe you are one of them.

Many are called to do good or address the ills of a world spinning out of control.

Some feel inspired to add some contribution.  Others are called to ease suffering or help humanity evolve to higher levels of consciousness, caring and connection.

Still more hold high the light of peace, consciousness and loving kindness to illuminate a path that others can follow.

They come to their missions by different paths.  Nevertheless, each is answering the call of an inner source whispering that they have something to contribute to our world.

Regardless of how they got here, many of these awakening servers are unable to do what their callings demand.

Their problems can stem from many causes, including:

✓   blinders imposed by rigid beliefs and perspectives that don't allow them to see things another way;

✓  inner conditions that block the flow of energy that must be addressed before they can move forward.;

✓  lack of needed skills or know-how, especially in how to apply their consciousness in their daily affairs;

✓  trying to change the world without first changing themselves, poisoning the well and carrying the seeds of today's problems into the future they're working to create; and

✓  conflicts, both within and without, that derail their efforts and sap their will to carry on.

For more on the inner aspects affecting your service, check out WhisperZone.org, or John's Red Pill Chronicles, a podcast for awakening souls on how to deal with a blue pill world.


What we do

We focus on the voice that whispers inside you and the calling it inspires you to undertake.   Our intention is to unleash your inner mastery and direct it toward building a better tomorrow -- for yourself, and for us all.

Whether that means taking you on a journey of consciousness to deal with hidden conditions that are blocking your way, or providing hands-on substantive help along a wide range of business issues, including those of conscious business, we're here to help.

We invite you to check us out.   You'll be glad you did.

The world you change will be your own.