Our world seems ready to explode.  People are at each other's throats.  Cultures are clashing. Left and right wage war. Predictions of doom fill the news, tweaking fears and stoking desires for another way.

But a strange thing is happening while they do -- a new wave of servers is awakening to apply their creative energies in new ways.

Many feel called to change their lives.  Others feel the need to change their world.

Regardless of its form, it usually comes with a deep discontent for your status quo, and the inspiration to use your gifts, skills and experience to embark on a new direction and course of effort.

Whether that urge is to start a business, create some contribution or provide a service to help others change their lives and world, we can help.

We created MissionLaunch to empower you to do just that.

From concept to completion and everything in between, we offer you the benefit of our 40+ years of experience helping people solve problems and do what they want to do, with more ease and effectiveness along the way.

That's just the experience of your host John Dennison, a lawyer/consultant, not including that of the rest of his team.

If you're feeling called to make a difference and need help making it happen, maybe you should speak with John.  He can help.

The world you change will be your own.

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