Meet John Dennison

john-partyHi, I'm John. Allow me to introduce myself.


I'm a lawyer by trade, though I've also provided business and mission consulting since the mid-'90's on various matters.


The company through which I do that is Dennison Management Group, previously incorporated but now an LLC.


One aspect of that consulting is to empower you to develop your projects and bring your vision to life.  MissionLaunch is our brand through which we do that.


If that sounds like something you need, why not give me a call?   I can help you change your world.




scales_optOn the Law and Business

I practiced law since 1977 (yeah, that's a long time!), most of that (since 1988) with my wife Laura in Dennison & Dennison, P.A. During that time I represented individuals in a wide wide variety of matters, both personal and business.

They included:

  • Contracts, deal-making, strategic planning, business models, venture structuring, compliance, startups, buying/selling, and other aspects of business law
  • Civil litigation;
  • Business continuity and succession, estate planning, wills and trusts
  • Real estate transactions, construction and development;
  • Commercial leasing and
  • Technology licensing and distribution


I was also a member of the Florida Bar's standing committee on computer law, having handled various technology-related matters over the years.

I even wrote a chapter on living trusts and pour-over wills for Lexis-Nexis' Matthew Bender Florida Estate Planning Guide, and served on boards of directors for various schools and charitable organizations, too.



Additional Business Experience


My business experience extends well beyond those listed above.  Web site development. Blogging. Book writing and publishing. Public speaking. Internet marketing. Not to mention having run several businesses of our own.

Consulting has included blogging, book-writing and self-publishing, public speaking, marketing, schools, charities, planned communities, website design/function, content creation, business models, and startup mentoring.




Like I said, we're here to help you do what you're called to do.

We've got tons of experience. Why not put it to work for you?