Are You Making the Difference?

Calling All Awakening Servers

Our world is in crisis, and many are awakening to add their contribution to the cause.

If you're one of them, welcome.  We're here to help you turn your vision into a mission that makes a difference.

Will you do your part for a better tomorrow?

Find a Way

Hi, I'm John.  I'm a lawyer, life coach and spiritual teacher.

Many are called to add their contribution.  Few succeed. Something stops them.

Most often, it's something in them - blocking their mission to bring experiences needed for their own expansion.

God has called me to help you find a way to move beyond the lessons to create your vision.

I offer insight and perspective to overcome mission block and do what you're called to do.

"John challenges himself and the world around him to constantly search for the betterment of themselves and the world in which they live."
~ Karl Nybergh
"John is a gifted attorney whose compassion and understanding of the law and the human condition offers to make the world a better place to live in."

– Aime and Stephen McCrory, The Business Muse Public Relations and Event Producing

Traveling the Path of Service

Most awakening servers will be quick to agree that the path of service is not always (ever?) an easy one to tread. For truly, it’s all about the experiences needed for them to evolve.  Like lumps of coal molded by time, pressure and heat into diamonds, awakening servers set forth not only to share their gifts, but also to meet the challenges that will make them face themselves and grow closer to the source they[…]

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Are We Losing Our Souls?

The election season is in full force, and battle lines are drawn. It’s bringing out the worst in people, causing some to excuse or overlook the corruption and collusion revealed in #Wikileaks Podesta emails and #ProjectVeritas. In this broadcast, John Dennison discusses the challenges awakening servers face in trying to negotiate the energies of conflict that are dragging all of us into their fight.

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Are you a wanna-be server?

Some who seek to serve are motivated by the desire to act, but their efforts are continually frustrated along the way. No matter what they try to do to make their mark, it never seems to manifest or reach those for whom their efforts are intended. I call this type of person the Wanna-be Server. This is not meant judgmentally (for in our society those who “do” often look down with contempt on those who[…]

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Labels: the good, the bad, & how they sabotage your growth

Our brains are fascinating things! They are constantly computing massive amounts of data and speeds we can’t even comprehend. As humans, our minds are constantly applying labels to things, giving us clues as to how we perceive the world around us. This is such an incredible function and allows us to process and learn and grow! However, it’s easy for our minds to fall into a trap of hiding behind our labels. Truth be told this is[…]

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5 key traits for a Conscious Leader

Our society is yearning for a new breed of leaders, a set of leader that will take us out of the “every man for himself” mindset our society finds itself. We need leaders that unite and forge solutions with determination that are harvested in collaboration. The bottom line can no longer be the sole standard in which we operate. This new generation in the workforce is calling for their work to have meaning, to have[…]

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Why is my mission such a struggle?

This question is often whispered by many servers, usually when they’re alone and no one is around to hear but the God within. “Why do I struggle so?” They’ve done everything they know to do, and worked to evolve themselves the best they can. They’ve felt the call of their soul to embark upon the mission, and answered it. But it hasn’t brought them success in very many regards. Sure, they’ve experienced moments of it[…]

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