Conscious Business

Image of people, planet and profit as three sides of triangle.

Big businesses have all the reach and resources, giving them a natural market advantage.  Small businesses need every edge they can get. Practicing conscious capitalism is the way to get it.

Business done consciously focuses on balancing the needs of your business (e.g., for profit) with those of the people impacted by or involved in your efforts, as well as upon the world you touch.

Practicing conscious capitalism will give you a good start.

We can train you in the fundamentals of conscious capitalism, and guide you as you apply it in your affairs.  From developing yourself as a conscious leader, to building a conscious culture around a core social purpose, to enlisting and communicating with conscious stakeholders, you will learn to see and conduct your business in a new way. A conscious way.

Why should you? Here are just a couple reasons:



In a conscious business, your mission isn't only about making money and doing a job right. It's about creating an atmosphere where people can thrive and do good for the world while doing good for your bottom line.

Building a conscious business is like building a house — one brick at a time. Those bricks are the investments you make in yourself and your team, and the efforts you take together to balance people, planet and profit.

It starts with developing a core strategy and getting clear on your vision and where you want to go from here.

But it's driven home through training at all levels of your organization to get all your people on the same page and align their efforts to pull in the same direction.

We provide consulting on issues of ethics, sustainability and social responsibility, as well as training in:

  • Principles of conscious capitalism
  • Conscious leadership for owners, executives and managers
  • Building a conscious culture
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Core strategy development


Let your mission reflect your vision and values, and show others what you are all about. Or want to be.

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"John challenges himself and the world around him to constantly search for the betterment of themselves and the world in which they live."
~ Karl Nybergh

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Very few teachers today have the insight and wisdom of John Dennison – his thoughts and ideas are truly new and enlightening.”
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