We offer consulting to help you do what you're called to do.

Yes, you're already awakening to the way of consciousness.  But don't let it go to your head.

You still have to deal with the real world out there.  Find customers. Deliver a product or service.  Make money and pay the bills.

How you meet the challenges that come with it can make or break your mission.

Our consulting helps you take an inner approach to your outer affairs, while applying what you find to deal with the dramas and difficulties at hand.

Knowing what goes on in you and why, and what it has to do with the way things are, offers perspective and context that can open the door to new possibilities.

But knowing how to apply it, along with accessing the real-world skills and know-how needed to make it happen, are essential.

That's where we come in, offering you the benefit of our many years of experience in law and business, not to mention our explorations in spirituality and the inner world. (See WhisperZone for more on that part of our work.)

Whatever you need, whether that's finding solutions, devising strategies, or transforming your operation into a conscious business or social enterprise, we can help.

From concept to completion and just about everything in between, our conscious consulting can help you breathe life into your vision and do what you're called to do.

And when things aren't going according to plan, we'll help you find out why and what you can do to get back on track -- and walk with you every step of the way until you do.

So if you want to take your mission to a higher level and need counsel you can rely on to get where you want to go, why not schedule an appointment with John today?

"John challenges himself and the world around him to constantly search for the betterment of themselves and the world in which they live."
~ Karl Nybergh

About Our Consulting

Our consulting is designed to respond to the needs of your mission, and is custom-designed accordingly.  Services will vary based on need and scope of engagement, and may be performed on site or remotely as appropriate. Depending on nature of issues and services involved, fee arrangements may vary, including hourly, monthly, and project-based methods for determination.

Services ultimately provided may include, but not be limited to: advisory support; telephone and in-person consultations and meetings; email and text messages; out-sourced services; problem-solving; audio/video presentations; retreat and meeting moderation; writing, review and analysis of business and marketing plans, marketing materials, website pages, content, social media presence and activity; review and analysis of financial statements, as well as documents related to your specific issues; preparation of policies, procedures, memoranda, web content, articles, letters, business and marketing plans; legal and substantive research, briefs and memoranda; training; spokesman services; speech and manuscript writing/review/editing; message formulation and delivery; preparation of documents, training and marketing/administrative materials; and more.

"John is a gifted attorney whose compassion and understanding of the law and the human condition offers to make the world a better place to live in."

– Aime and Stephen McCrory, The Business Muse Public Relations and Event Producing