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We host events on the web and in South Florida to train individuals to become conscious leaders and unleash their contributions to a better tomorrow.

Here we help them expand their consciousness and awaken to new possibilities.  Along the way, they develop the mindset, attributes and perspectives needed to build a better world.

For those whose efforts are blocked or impaired, we also address the many issues, and interests involved in those challenges and how to meet them in better ways.

Our purpose is to empower you to turn your vision into a mission that makes a difference. The world you change will be your own.

Please join us.







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There are no upcoming events.

What is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious leadership is many things to many people. For some it is bringing their best to the moment in ways that others might emulate and follow. For others, it means caring and concern for all, especially those who follow their lead. For still more, it means leading with one eye turned outward, fully aware of their impact on the world they touch.

Conscious leaders see things from many perspectives. They reflect the principles and practices needed to build a better world.  And they act in ways that others will follow while practicing the very highest of moral, ethical and social behavior along the way.

Everyone has the potential to be a conscious leader.  It starts with opening your heart and mind.  We'll help you with the rest.


Who's it for?

Conscious leaders. Social entrepreneurs. Cause activists.  Business owners and executives.  Government officials. Social investors. Volunteers. Workers. Stakeholders. Do gooders.  Changemakers. Or those who want to become or work with any of the above.

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