Consciousness Coaching

Why get consciousness coaching? What's the big deal?

You'd think having a vision, drive and know-how would be enough to create your dream.  Guess again.  Even with all that and a plan to put it to work, so many things can go wrong.

Many of them are in you.

Something inside stops you, or life acts to block your way.  Good intentions give way to frustration of purpose.  And the possibility of failure creeps into your head.

Your own inner conditions become the point beyond which you -- and your mission/business -- shall not pass!

They trigger situations we must meet and master (or not) as we journey to create our dreams and the missions that serve them, sometimes even the kind that threaten to tear our lives apart.

We work with you to know yourself and follow your inner voice through the dramas and difficulties to the difference you want to make.  And from there, to bring an inner approach to your outer affairs so you can more peace, ease and effectiveness as you go about your business.

Sure, we work to bring this approach to all we do.  But in our consciousness coaching, we dive in depth into YOU, the way you are, and what it has to do with the life you're living, the mission you're serving, and the world you want to change.

In fact, consciousness coaching brings a lasting impact that touches every aspect of your life and mission, by introducing you to yourself and what your mission is bringing to the journey of your soul.

Understand, there is a spiritual component to this coaching.  That is, it's spiritual in the sense we're focusing on your relationship to your soul and subconscious, and especially the source from which your life flows.

Make no mistake.  We're not talking religion here. Whatever your beliefs is okay with us. We don't want to change them. We only want you to work with them in a better way, and in the process get closer to the god you know inside.

So if struggle and lack are too often your lot, and you're met by failure and frustration at every turn, perhaps consciousness coaching can help you understand why, and what to do about it.

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