Ethics, Sustainability & Social Responsibility

We consult on issues of ethics, sustainability and social responsibility to help you navigate difficult waters. 


Conscious companies make social consciousness a source of ongoing value.

They embed sustainable principles in their core strategy, and social responsibility becomes part of who they are.  Exemplary ethics and values are their code.

It not only builds closer relations with customers and better reputation and good will in the community.

It also enhances employee productivity, inspires teams and fills them with purpose, in turn building morale and decreasing turnover.

We can help you address the issues that arise when this consciousness is lacking, from taking remedial action to revising policies, training staff and establishing hiring standards.

And we work hand in hand with your HR department to help them plan and manage the transition in an effective and harmonious way while drawing on the best of your current employees and culture.

Let us help you:

  • - Focus efforts, align priorities and clarify values around a common vision or purpose
  • - Adopt conscious practices
  • - Establish policies, procedures, standards and practices
  • - Deal with adverse social impact of current operations
  • - Communicate on philanthropy, volunteerism and environmental affairs.


In short, if you want to become a conscious business and act like one, we can help.

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Let us help you apply the tenets of Conscious Capitalism.