Many issues of various kinds can crop up in the course of running a business.  Sometimes it helps to have input with someone with the insight and experience of a trained legal professional.

Calling a lawyer can get you some of the answers. But often you wait until something blows up on you, and they're left trying to put the pieces back together. Or bail you out of a bad situation that probably could have been avoided with a little foresight and effort.

Unfortunately, having a lawyer on staff is EXPENSIVE, and your business probably isn't big enough to affort a full-time general counsel.

John (now retired from the practice) and Laura Ripoll Dennison have represented business owners in a wide variety of matters for over 60 years combined.

They provide insight and perspective on whatever's facing your mission.  Whether that's legal, business or personal, they can help you see the hidden pitfalls., understand the issues and negotiate the obstacles that stand in your way.

We are not offering, or soliciting, legal representation in any fashion.  In fact, such representation and advice is beyond the scope of our services here at MissionLaunch. Rather, we work with outside counsel wherever possible, so you know our focus is on building your bottom line rather than fighting your fights.

Instead, as part of our consulting we can help you consider such issues before they become problems, and take action well in advance of the breakdown of relations that can lead to litigation and broken relationships. And if some of those require legal advice, we have an attorney as part of our team to help you retain control over your affairs without the risk of escalating tensions or expense.

Why not schedule a consultation to get the help you need to make your mission hum?