Gifts & Callings

At the core of MissionLaunch is our intention to help you breathe life into the visions and inspirations that flow from your Inner Voice. (Learn more about John’s work with the inner voice at PeaceOptions and WhisperZone).

For MissionLaunch is an application of John’s spiritual perspectives on the Source of life and philosophy that we are all here for a reason — to gather the experiences that will help us evolve on our journey back to Oneness — to which we are led by the Inner Voice.

Sometimes we need to apply our creative energies for our own benefit and that of our families. At others we need to apply them in service of others.

They can take many forms. Writing books or undertaking other creative ventures to articulate and share ideas. Sculpting or photography. Music. Or various forms of educational, charitable or social service — whether as a volunteer or mission entrepreneur.

And of course, it can simply be trying to be the best version of you that you have inside.

Whatever your calling, however it needs to manifest, John has the insight, the experience, and the perspective you need to manifest it in your life and world, and make it become all that you want it to.

If your mission or creative project isn’t going as well as you’d like, maybe he can help. He offers a free consultation to find out.