Mission Mentoring

Turn your vision into a mission that makes a difference.

You've been called to add some gift or contribution to the world. or to do good as you conduct your affairs. Will you ignore it?

Or will you find a way to honor it, to breathe life into it, and to bring it into reality?

We're here to help you make that difference, and guide you each step of the way. Whether that's to take your next step, to get clear on your intentions and the inspiration behind them, or your aspiration to serve a higher cause, we can help.

Mission Mentoring Program

Personal one-on-one mentoring with John Dennison.  Consisting of one session every other week for six months (12 sessions in all), he will help you start your mission off on the right foot.  Issues covered include, among others:

  • Getting clear on your vision
  • Setting your intention
  • Taking stock
  • Selecting the right business model
  • Writing your business plan
  • Who will you serve? How?
  • What's in it for them/you?
  • Performing your SWOT analysis
  • Preparing your marketing plan
  • Breaking down your mission into component steps
  • Website, content and social media considerations
  • Action steps and accountability

Issues of consciousness will also be addressed as they arise and are identified in the course of your mission's development.

Our mentoring program consists of 12 sessions held over a period of six months (twice per month). You will be expected to perform assigned homework, including writing your business and marketing plans, creating marketing materials, developing a website and social media platforms, creating/delivering your product or service, and building a following.  Reasonable email support is included.

Cost: $2500 in advance (save $2000 over our individual session and email support rates). Or $500 per month if paid monthly, automatically billed to your debit or credit card.