Are You Ready to Make the Difference in Your World?

Are you ready -- really ready -- to do whatever it takes?

A Very Special Offer from John Dennison

Dear Awakening Server:

For 15 years I've been preaching the gospel of making a difference -- of listening to your inner voice and using it to add your unique contribution to a better world.

Throughout that time many of you were begging me to merge the practices and perspectives of the inner way with the outer skills and know-how needed to launch your mission and grow it into the viable force for good you know it can be.

As appealing as it sounded, I was having trouble juggling my teaching of the inner ways while balancing my consulting here at MissionLaunch with the demands of my law practice. 

I tried to keep them separate, and it was tearing me apart.

A long and serious illness ensued that nearly killed me. But the time off gave me perspective to see that separation was the LAST thing I needed. Rather, my own inner voice showed me that a merger of the three into a unified program where mainstream and metaphysical could come together in search of a higher expression of service for us all.

With the help of the internet and recent advances in technology, I've been able to build a method and process of birthing missions while expanding the consciousness of the participants to insure that they don't carry the problems of today into the future they want to create.

It's a way to provide you with the kind of intense, interactive and customized coaching that can make a profound difference in your life and mission.

To learn how we can work together to grow your mission into the vision you have for it while making the difference you want to make, and how it can benefit you, please choose the track below that most meets your interest.

I look forward to working with you to create your vision and meeting your goals.


Consciousness Track

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Mission Development Track

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