Turn your vision into a mission that makes a difference and overcome the obstacles that block your way. In this podcast we explore ways to expand your consciousness and use it to deal with difficulties, solve mission block and add your contribution to a better tomorrow. The world you change will be your own.


The election season is in full force, and battle lines are drawn. It's bringing out the worst in people, causing some to excuse or overlook the corruption and collusion revealed in #Wikileaks Podesta emails and #ProjectVeritas.

In this broadcast, John Dennison discusses the challenges awakening servers face in trying to negotiate

Here are just a few of the symptoms caused by hidden factors that awakening servers might have to deal with along the way:

Unclear or Conflicting Intentions
Discontent with life/career
Feeling out of place in your life
Can't hear inner call
Questioning the call
Distractions, detours and impasses
Struggle syndrome

Here's John Dennison's latest episode of "Change Yourself. Change Your World."

In this video, he discusses the process of making choices and living by the light of your soul.  Enjoy.