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Labels: the good, the bad, & how they sabotage your growth

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Labels: the good, the bad, & how they sabotage your growth

Our brains are fascinating things! They are constantly computing massive amounts of data and speeds we can’t even comprehend. As humans, our hope-despairminds are constantly applying labels to things, giving us clues as to how we perceive the world around us.

This is such an incredible function and allows us to process and learn and grow! However, it’s easy for our minds to fall into a trap of hiding behind our labels.

Truth be told this is a learned process, giving labels is something that can come from our upbringing, society, media, or our experiences. Yet the impact this has on our psychological view of the world is that it makes us constantly try to read into new experiences or situations and figure out which label to put on them: “good” or “bad.”

I move to show you that by merely making that judgement, we are predetermining our response to all the “bad” things that come our way as things we have no use for. This sets us up on the defense, consistently trying to stop all the “bad” experiences from happening, much like a goalie in a soccer or hockey game. And after awhile, it gets exhausting playing defense all the time.

Our work, and personal lives are where we should strive to be expanding our capabilities. When we are too busy being defensive we loose our creative power to make our path our own.

Imagine a world where we choose to not see something as happening to us but as something happening for us.

What I am proposing could be a very radical idea to most. I’m proposing to truly master the consciousness of one’s perspective of how we choose to see ourselves in relation to the world around us. Through this, even the most horrific life experiences can become a great source of knowledge and growth.

It requires changing the lens of world view. Instead of predetermining whether something is good or bad,  choose to see each moment and circumstance as a gift to help us better ourselves. Changing this view gives you creative power in choosing how you will take each situation to better yourself for the next moment.

This can be difficult to see when we get disappointed or feel frustrated, or even hurt by the experience we are having.

However, if we start viewing all situations as “growth opportunities” then the labels of “good” versus “bad” become irrelevant and all situations become opportunities.

It’s a total mind shift, but one that leads to a more positive and happier you, because it’s an opportunity to become something greater, wiser and more experienced than the current version of you!


For more information about this conscious mind shift, check out Jack’s new podcast here:

We here at MissionLaunch are all about consciousness and we want to help you become the best version that can possibly be, whether that’s mentally, emotionally or physically. We also want to help your company to become the best it can be in its impact within and its impact on your community. For more information on becoming a conscious leader, email us here:

5 key traits for a Conscious Leader

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5 key traits for a Conscious Leader

Leaders with ConsciousnessOur society is yearning for a new breed of leaders, a set of leader that will take us out of the “every man for himself” mindset our society finds itself.

We need leaders that unite and forge solutions with determination that are harvested in collaboration.

The bottom line can no longer be the sole standard in which we operate. This new generation in the workforce is calling for their work to have meaning, to have impact, to reap intrinsic rewards that go beyond just the number in our bank accounts.  We no longer need just leaders; we need a new breed: The Conscious Leader.

The Conscious Leader can be anyone who chooses to take ownership. Ownership of a business, organization or even a cause.

John Quincy Adams is quoted as saying “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Are you ready to inspire? Do you want to instill passion in others for a shared goal or value? Are you ready to make an impact on the world around you?

Here are 5 steps that will not only allow you to lead more effectively but truly learn the ways to lead your organization, group, team or individuals to go above and beyond for a shared purpose.

  1. Be the example you want to see. If you want your team to have certain values or ideals to strive for, you must adhere to them yourself first! Being consistent with this once a value is established is key if you want others to continue to practice and embody that value.
  2. Communicate early and often. If everyone on one team is unclear about the goal, nothing will get done. Transparency is crucial. Deadlines, expectations, and goals cannot be implemented if they are not communicated early and often to those involved. When communication is not only clear but open for input we can engage team members to take ownership of the goals, improving overall effectiveness of the goal and engagement in each team member.
  3. Team member equality. When working together on a project it is important to view each team members as equal and important parts of the whole. Keeping the ego in check is difficult but crucial. Each team member has expertise and experience in different areas and each is important when attempting to reach a common goal. Make sure to acknowledge ideas and give credit where it’s due. This will further enhance your teams’ productivity, engagement and excitement for the project.
  4.  Seek shared gains, not personal ones. Competition breeds unhappiness, demoralization and demotivation. It also makes work and projects less enjoyable! You don’t want to lose the values that you’ve worked so hard to infuse into your company or team. Make sure that everyone on the team is working toward a shared common goal and keeping that goal in mind. We are stronger when we are unified on a common cause.
  5. Look for growth opportunities everywhere. Our minds are very quick to perceive a situation as good or bad (more on that in our next post!). But I urge you to step back from those quick judgments and instead of seeing an idea, a person, a situation or a project as “good” or “bad,” instead, look at it as a learning experience or a growth opportunity. No matter where you go, knowledge is yours to keep. Every project is a new opportunity to grow and expand who you are and the way you relate to the world around you.

Your team, your company, and the world is looking for you, Conscious Leader! Will you step up to the challenge?  People are yearning to be developed, accepted, valued.

As John Quincy said, if you’re ready to inspire others to dream, learn, do and become more and you’re ready to step up and become a conscious leader, then call us. MissionLaunch is ready to help take your company or you to the next level, to help you invest in your people so that together you can dream, do and become so much more.

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