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Are you a wanna-be server?

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Are you a wanna-be server?

clown_frown72_optSome who seek to serve are motivated by the desire to act, but their efforts are continually frustrated along the way. No matter what they try to do to make their mark, it never seems to manifest or reach those for whom their efforts are intended.

I call this type of person the Wanna-be Server. This is not meant judgmentally (for in our society those who “do” often look down with contempt on those who want to do but for some reason “do not,” and call them wanna-bes) in any way, nor is it the mark of a failure.

To the contrary, such frustrated efforts can bring experiences of great value, both to the one who tries and fails and to the whole that vicariously draws upon his contribution.

Sometimes the inability stems from inner conditions that block the way, such as deep-seated fears, mis-beliefs, or emotional scars. At others, though, the soul may wish to gather such an experience to balance out lifetimes of intensive service or being served, by spending some time in the no-man’s land in between.

At all costs self-judgment must be avoided, and the byproducts of beating one’s head against the proverbial wall (like anger and frustration) set aside, for those tend to lock in the “failure” and call it back for recreation again at some future time in this linear reality.

Instead, a time out is necessary to examine all the energies that are flowing through you, acknowledging their presence and contribution to your experience, and then connecting with your higher self for guidance as to whether a continuation of this experience is what is really planned for your life at this moment in time.

Even if it is, try to go about your efforts to serve in a new way, with a new set of emotions. Try to find joy and fulfillment even within the situations that you now see as impasses or failures. For in shifting the way you see and experience them, your soul may find it has no more need to keep creating them, and will begin to create something else.

And if it is not, such an approach will enable you to better receive and act upon its guidance on whether and how to redirect your life stream or perhaps to express your desire to serve in some other way.

It’s not easy being a wanna-be server. Sitting on the sidelines can be excruciating, and only the greatest masters will accept such a task for very long. If you remain within such a situation, use it as best you can. And by all means, don’t see yourself as a failure, but rather as a great master who is trying on a most difficult experience for size.

God bless you indeed.

Why is my mission such a struggle?

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Why is my mission such a struggle?

obstacles_optThis question is often whispered by many servers, usually when they’re alone and no one is around to hear but the God within. “Why do I struggle so?”

They’ve done everything they know to do, and worked to evolve themselves the best they can. They’ve felt the call of their soul to embark upon the mission, and answered it. But it hasn’t brought them success in very many regards. Sure, they’ve experienced moments of it here and there, but overall it leaves them wanting, struggling for a goal that remains beyond reach.

There can be many underlying spiritual themes at play in such situations, including dramas, distractions and distortions caused by inner conditions being raised for them to address. Yet something more is at work here that most servers overlook, instead beating themselves up thinking their troubles are related to some inner deficiency they have failed to overcome.

While those factors may be going on, and to some degree are in each of us, it is is important not to let the self-judgment overwhelm the ongoing effort to contribute, nor the bringing forth of the inner self at our core.

So let us look at the struggle to develop a “successful” mission in another way.


flashlight-on-path_optAnother way to see it

This is the time of changes. Things don’t work the way they used to.

The energies available for our creative efforts do not respond to outer will, and render old skill sets much like rusty tools lying unused in the tool box.

As a result, we find ourselves frustrated trying to develop missions that make a difference as well as provide us the support we need to maintain our lives and lifestyles. We’re all thumbs, working in the dark trying to assemble a creation with unfamiliar tools, with barely a glimpse of the plans for what it will look like when finished.

It is this uncertainty, this darkness, to which we must adjust. Though the light in us is strong, it does not clearly illuminate our way through the world nor the contribution we’re trying to make.


What’s more important than the mission?

While some of our attempted contributions may be of significance to the outer world, their greatest importance is the opportunity they offer us to explore the energies of this time of transition and to find a way to balance them within us and the lives we’re living.

We have chosen to incarnate now to experience the transition of energies from a world of three-dimensional duality to one of greater ability to integrate those extremes into a unified whole. Our struggles are the natural result of that effort, where we are seeing the impact of those new energies in our lives and missions.

It is not simply to make a shift and one day suddenly go from duality to integration. The shock to our systems, and our world, would be too great. Instead, we have to learn to work with and within those new energies and use them in new ways, essentially through our efforts developing by trial and error the foundations upon which future generations will build the new world.

We are more than explorers; we are pioneers who’ve come to carve out a place for mankind in this new world. But we live in a harsh environment, having to face risks and uncertainties that run far deeper than the superficial problems in our world today.


What will it take?

This new world requires a greater connection with source, and an ability to create in more subtle ways than just force of outer will and desire. These are important, and will remain part of our toolbox. But they must be wielded by an inner guidance and ability to marshal the creative substances without the distorting effects of the inner conditions that manifest runaway dramas and relegate our core desires to the scrapheap of wishful thinking.

Therefore our efforts to build missions and make a difference in the world will serve as vehicles by which we clear out this dross while developing the abilities and perspectives needed to fully function in the new environment that is now beginning to unfold.

Struggle may be part of the game, but that doesn’t mean we do so without peace. Rather, it is the integration of the energies of peace within us that will allow us to move through the difficulties of the transition and weather the storms ahead.

For there will be indeed storms, not just for our missions but for the world at large. It will be up to us to hold high the inner flame so that we might show others the way to negotiate the minefields and begin to make their transition as well.

Whether we do so with full awareness or eyes closed shut is the choice of each of us. We think it will help to know what’s going on so you can move through these energies in a better way.

We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Negotiating the Void

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Negotiating the Void

No, I’m not going to take you on some meditative journey. Rather, today is about how you might ride out the energetic troughs that inevitably hit every server.

First, some perspective. Everything is made up of energy. And energy is intelligence.

Certain types of energy — that which comes from our source — resonates with and within us more than others. It carries to us “information,” or if you will, light that illuminates our awareness and provides direction on how to create and process the lives we’re living.

I refer to this energy from our source as the inner flow. By tapping into it we “hear” our inner voice, or more particularly, the chorus of voices that is continually flowing to us from inside.

A particular aspect of this inner flow is to carry inspiration and desire. These fuel our missions, motivating us to think about and act upon them to manifest them in the 3D world.

Being within the flow brings feelings of peace and joy, for it indeed home to us, a natural state that reminds us (energetically, at least) of who we are and where we are from. At least for me, it is a high of indescribable pleasure and sense of fulfillment in the moment against which physical sensation pales.

When that flow is cut off or we move outside it, the opposite occurs. It’s like a drug addict going cold turkey, moving from a state nearing euphoria to an energetic depression.

Certainly it is hard to remain within the flow at all times, especially focused on matters of mission advancement. And frankly, I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

But going from its absolute high to the deep low of its absence can be excruciating for those who learn to live and work within it (it can also increase susceptibility to some of our emotional triggers — another story for another day).

This low is what I refer to as the void. It is the energetic “hole” that is created when we move outside the creative energies of our light into something else.

Truly, though, this state is not a void at all. Forces of all kinds bombard us all the time, impacting our moods and how our lives unfold. However, most of those other forces lack the harmonic alignment with our egoic energies necessary to bring us the great high of being within the flow, if we can even perceive them at all.

Nevertheless, “void” conveys the idea that we’re outside the flow and have to get by without its guidance, inspiration, good feelings, or whatever else it brings.

Being within the void is uncomfortable. It can leave us lost, drifting, questioning ourselves, our missions, our choice of careers, and even our relationships. But this does not mean the void is without value for the awakening server.

The void offers us the chance to take a pause and reflect on where we are, how we got there, and where we’re going with our lives. The mission is, after all, simply a creative expression to manifest our intention for a particular life, lifestyle or contribution to others, played out through a specific set of activities that we think will advance our cause.

In a sense, it is a chance to catch our breath and look around at where we are, to experience the beauty and wonder of the reality that’s already been created for our consumption without the distraction of the future one we hope will be.

It allows to look at what we did to get where we are, and re-examine the choices we made and how we interacted with life around us to get there. In short, the void is sort of a mini-soul review that allows us a few moments to recalibrate ourselves for the next set of experiences our souls require.

What those are may not be particularly clear. It usually isn’t, especially within the void. But then, there are many aspects of our inner processes that escape our outer awareness, and this is just one of many. It’s importance, though, cannot be overemphasized, for it allows our souls to decide whether a course correction is necessary without the life crises it might otherwise create to get our attention.

So if you are experiencing the void, do your best to enjoy it. Or at least tolerate it with greater awareness of what it might offer you.

Just don’t leave it all up to your soul. Much of that taking stock can be done by you at a conscious egoic level, and how you see and process it will help your soul decide what it needs next.

Maybe that next won’t be the mission you’re on at all, but some new direction to explore. Then again, maybe it will find it has no more need for all the struggles that were put in your way before, and re-routes your course to one of greater ease and impact.

Trust that whatever happens next is what will be needed for you at that time in this life. Now, though, you are where you are, outside the flow that you have begun to know and love. And that, too, is a valuable experience to acquire on your journey through life.

Try to make it with love. God bless you indeed.


What do awakening servers need most?

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What do awakening servers need most?

The awakening servers who are working for a new world are a unique bunch. Altruistic to a fault, they often move forward with their missions with blinders as to its impact on them and their lives, at least until things spiral out of control.

In our experience, here’s what these well-intentioned individuals need — and probably want — most:

1. A more effective mission.

Their lives are so wrapped up in what they’re trying to offer others and the world that the quest for its success or failure defines them.

If they’re delivering a message, they want to do it more often, more clearly or reach more people.

If it’s feeding the poor or alleviating some other condition, the way to be more effective at it and serve more, hopefully in a way that not only addresses the symptom but begins to effect a cure.

And if it’s affecting public opinion or addressing some societal condition, its having more of an effect so that they can see its impact in our common affairs.

In short, mission success might be defined as the chase of more, not so much different than the chase for financial or other material success.

To accomplish it, they will go to almost any ends. That often means depleting their own health, energy and financial reserves (assuming they had any to start with).

2. Less struggle and sacrifice in their personal affairs.

Obviously when all our attention is put on an outer pursuit, it can lead to imbalance in other areas of our lives. When those pursuits demand the attention we might give our families or monies we could use for their support and welfare, then it can bring enormous struggle upon not only the server, but the spouse, kids or parents who rely upon their contributions to the family unit.

Servers are not insensitive to such impact. Often they are torn between the two in a great inner conflict that swings back and forth depending upon the state of their mission and lives on any particular day.

They long to not only be free of such conflict, but also to see abundance and prosperity for those they love rather than being a source of their struggle, sacrifice or pain.

3. Hope, strength and inspiration to keep going when they get down.

This is perhaps the most important of all.

Servers are like all the rest of humanity, subject to the ups and downs of life. And theirs can be greatly magnified, especially when their missions result in lives for them or their families that are less than what they want.

They need to know it is all worthwhile, that they are not only making an impact but that there is a real need for what they are doing.

They need to be clear on where they’re going, and keep their confidence and determination high enough to weather the storms that inevitably result along the way.

And they need to love and be loved, connecting to the hearts of not only those they serve but to family and friends for their own support and sustenance.

Servers are not self-sufficient islands; they are interactive cogs in a great system of creation that need their needs met if they are going to keep functioning at optimum efficiency.

So if you’re experiencing any of these needs as a server, take heat. We know what you’re going through, and we’re going to do our best to help you meet them in the days ahead.

Keep going, my friend. Don’t give up hope. You are not alone.

Balancing Your Outer World with Your Inner One

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Balancing Your Outer World with Your Inner One

Lest you get the wrong idea, I don’t suggest that you turn your attention away from the outer world. After all, that’s where the action is.

It’s in that outer world that you will work, evolving your emotions, exploring possibilities, and most importantly, applying your actions.

Rather, it is a balance between the two that I recommend.

Every outer situation has an inner component. Every inner component has an outer expression.

Moreover, every possibility offers something. The question is, whether that something is what you need for your next step, or whether it will create some new drama or take you in another direction.

This is where you must develop a sensitivity to the energies at work in your life. Believe it or not, one day you will get to a point where you can actually feel them. When they are harmonious with your plan’s needs, they will feel that way. And when they aren’t, they’ll set off discordant vibrations that shout, “Danger, danger Will Robinson!”

The development of such discernment and discrimination are important attributes for every awakening soul. But don’t judge yourself if you miss once in a while — that’s why they’re created, to push the envelope of your capabilities.

Too often I see servers caught up in overactive minds, falling back on ideas that may have served them in their old lives but which are less than effect in their new ones. Their minds run wild, desperately searching here or there for answers or causing them to try this or that to achieve the success they want, often in a race to keep some latent fear from manifesting in their lives.

Most of the time, I find that their obstacles result because they don’t realize that what they’re trying to accomplish has very little with where their souls want to go. They chase success yet remain ignorant of the motivating intentions that are directing their mission at their core. And when they explore new ideas and engage in new actions, they have nothing against which to test them vibrationally (for the process is much like the members of an orchestra tuning their instruments to the oboe’s B-flat before the performance).

They are in a very real sense struggling in the dark, living in a self-imposed darkness that comes from not knowing themselves or the issues at work in their lives that their souls are working through. This is why I encourage you to look within, so you will know what to do with what arises (and the possibilities you consider) without.

Trust me, it is a skill you can develop. And will. Learn to use your mission the way it was intended — to build a life that not only serves the world, but you as well.

Until then, enjoy the ride.

What’s Your Plan to Create Your Mission?

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What’s Your Plan to Create Your Mission?

Having a plan will greatly increase your chances of success. Just don't get too tied to it, because plans change. Remain flexible to meet new inspirations and the needs of the moment.

So what's yours?

Notwithstanding the importance of planning, we don't recommend you tie yourself just yet to a set-in-stone business plan. Yes, a plan is important. But it only provides a general guide for where you're going.

However, often the planning process can get distorted by inner factors that can turn your life upside down in so many ways. So it's a fine line between knowing whether you're moving in the direction your soul is calling, or simply giving in to their distortions that will manifest another set of dramas to distract you from the real job at hand -- evolving yourself, and through it evolving our world.

Don't let the familiar appeal of the outer world pull the wool over your eyes. The real impetus is from the soul inside that's calling you to action. It's the voice of that soul on which you MUST be clear lest you impair your ability to make whatever contribution it wants you to add.

So remember. Your mission may be to add something to the world, but running off half-cocked to try to "save the world" may not necessarily help you build a life that serves you. Nor may it help you better know yourself and what you're all about.

Our recommendation is therefore quite simple. Stop. Look. Listen. Take a time out from the activity of creating and consider all that's going on to make it happen.

And when in doubt, one test stands above all -- check your intent.

If you use your inner voice as a guide, it will help you put together a plan that works for you. All the other stuff -- legal, business, skills and know-how -- will then fall in line.

Know yourself. That's always a good place to start.

We're here to help if you need it.

What can you do to get your mission moving?

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What can you do to get your mission moving?

Planning’s great. But the best laid plans of mice and men can’t do a thing if they aren’t set in motion.

Answering these questions may help you do that:

  • How will you implement your plan?
  • What can you do now?
  • What will you do next?
  • What’s the one thing that will make the greatest difference toward your overall success? Work at it every day.
  • What can you complete today?
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