What do awakening servers need most?

The awakening servers who are working for a new world are a unique bunch. Altruistic to a fault, they often move forward with their missions with blinders as to its impact on them and their lives, at least until things spiral out of control.

In our experience, here’s what these well-intentioned individuals need — and probably want — most:

1. A more effective mission.

Their lives are so wrapped up in what they’re trying to offer others and the world that the quest for its success or failure defines them.

If they’re delivering a message, they want to do it more often, more clearly or reach more people.

If it’s feeding the poor or alleviating some other condition, the way to be more effective at it and serve more, hopefully in a way that not only addresses the symptom but begins to effect a cure.

And if it’s affecting public opinion or addressing some societal condition, its having more of an effect so that they can see its impact in our common affairs.

In short, mission success might be defined as the chase of more, not so much different than the chase for financial or other material success.

To accomplish it, they will go to almost any ends. That often means depleting their own health, energy and financial reserves (assuming they had any to start with).

2. Less struggle and sacrifice in their personal affairs.

Obviously when all our attention is put on an outer pursuit, it can lead to imbalance in other areas of our lives. When those pursuits demand the attention we might give our families or monies we could use for their support and welfare, then it can bring enormous struggle upon not only the server, but the spouse, kids or parents who rely upon their contributions to the family unit.

Servers are not insensitive to such impact. Often they are torn between the two in a great inner conflict that swings back and forth depending upon the state of their mission and lives on any particular day.

They long to not only be free of such conflict, but also to see abundance and prosperity for those they love rather than being a source of their struggle, sacrifice or pain.

3. Hope, strength and inspiration to keep going when they get down.

This is perhaps the most important of all.

Servers are like all the rest of humanity, subject to the ups and downs of life. And theirs can be greatly magnified, especially when their missions result in lives for them or their families that are less than what they want.

They need to know it is all worthwhile, that they are not only making an impact but that there is a real need for what they are doing.

They need to be clear on where they’re going, and keep their confidence and determination high enough to weather the storms that inevitably result along the way.

And they need to love and be loved, connecting to the hearts of not only those they serve but to family and friends for their own support and sustenance.

Servers are not self-sufficient islands; they are interactive cogs in a great system of creation that need their needs met if they are going to keep functioning at optimum efficiency.

So if you’re experiencing any of these needs as a server, take heat. We know what you’re going through, and we’re going to do our best to help you meet them in the days ahead.

Keep going, my friend. Don’t give up hope. You are not alone.

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