Balancing Your Outer World with Your Inner One

Lest you get the wrong idea, I don’t suggest that you turn your attention away from the outer world. After all, that’s where the action is.

It’s in that outer world that you will work, evolving your emotions, exploring possibilities, and most importantly, applying your actions.

Rather, it is a balance between the two that I recommend.

Every outer situation has an inner component. Every inner component has an outer expression.

Moreover, every possibility offers something. The question is, whether that something is what you need for your next step, or whether it will create some new drama or take you in another direction.

This is where you must develop a sensitivity to the energies at work in your life. Believe it or not, one day you will get to a point where you can actually feel them. When they are harmonious with your plan’s needs, they will feel that way. And when they aren’t, they’ll set off discordant vibrations that shout, “Danger, danger Will Robinson!”

The development of such discernment and discrimination are important attributes for every awakening soul. But don’t judge yourself if you miss once in a while — that’s why they’re created, to push the envelope of your capabilities.

Too often I see servers caught up in overactive minds, falling back on ideas that may have served them in their old lives but which are less than effect in their new ones. Their minds run wild, desperately searching here or there for answers or causing them to try this or that to achieve the success they want, often in a race to keep some latent fear from manifesting in their lives.

Most of the time, I find that their obstacles result because they don’t realize that what they’re trying to accomplish has very little with where their souls want to go. They chase success yet remain ignorant of the motivating intentions that are directing their mission at their core. And when they explore new ideas and engage in new actions, they have nothing against which to test them vibrationally (for the process is much like the members of an orchestra tuning their instruments to the oboe’s B-flat before the performance).

They are in a very real sense struggling in the dark, living in a self-imposed darkness that comes from not knowing themselves or the issues at work in their lives that their souls are working through. This is why I encourage you to look within, so you will know what to do with what arises (and the possibilities you consider) without.

Trust me, it is a skill you can develop. And will. Learn to use your mission the way it was intended — to build a life that not only serves the world, but you as well.

Until then, enjoy the ride.

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John Dennison

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John Dennison is the principal behind MissionLaunch. He is a retired attorney, coach and business consultant who calls individuals to apply their creative energies to build a better tomorrow. He is a published poet, author (including "Whispers in the Silence"), blogger and speaker on making a difference. He can be reached here at MissionLaunch or at his personal website
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