Marketing Questions to Get Your Mission Moving

Marketing is the bane of many mission entrepreneurs.  They’ve got a product or service, but don’t know how to get the attention it deserves in the marketplace. 

They feel stumped, almost like they’re lost in the wilderness.   Worse, too often they’re shooting  in the dark, wasting their valuable ammunition (time and money) on a target they can’t see but hope is out there somewhere.

If you’re one of them (and we all are at times), don’t despair.  Let’s do something about it. 

Here are a series of questions to ask yourself to get things moving in a better direction:

  1. Find the right pond to fish in.  That means knowing your audience, where they go, what they do, and most importantly, what they need and want.
  2. Get the right bait.  What gets them to act now?   What are they doing/buying?  What do you have or can you do to get them to give you a chance?  Or at least, to indicate some receptivity to what you’re offering to suggest they may at least be a prospect for future sales?  
  3. Be present with regular and persistent effort over time.  This doesn’t mean doing the same thing over and over again.  It means finding what works, and just keep doing it.  If that’s joining a local group where your prospects hang out, be there.  Get involved.  Show you care and have something to give.
  4. What’s your desire?  What do you want your business to look like?  Where do you see/want your customers/clients to come from?  Is it local? Digital (web)? A blend?  Does it involve networking?  Attending conferences or other events?  Speaking? Writing? Other content?
  5. What are the things you see/think hold you back?  This is an important one, for it helps identify beliefs and biases in you that predispose you toward/away from a particular course of action to promote your wares.
  6. What opportunities do you now have or see?
  7. What resources are available for your promotional efforts?  Time? Money? People? Website? Mailing list?  Lead magnets?  Social media profiles and followers? Organizations you belong to? Take thorough stock of whatever you have at hand, or can have over time.  Budget your efforts accordingly.  Use what you’ve got, and make it work from where you are.
  8. What results do you want or expect?  Specifically, what do you want your promotional efforts to accomplish?  What’s the end game?
  9. Think in terms of campaigns.  Make them specific, both as to desired results, actions to take and resources you need.  Plan. Follow through. Analyze. Adjust.  Stick with what works.  Build on it.  Replicate it.  Set up systems and processes that work for you.  Leverage yourself and your resources where possible.
  10. What specific promotional activities do you: a) feel drawn to; b) feel resistance to for whatever reason; and c) have worked for you in the past.
  11. What can you do now/today?  Tomorrow?  Next week? Month?
  12. What WILL you do?

Take some time. Work through these questions. Be honest with yourself.

It’s important to get it right and apply your efforts and resources where they’ll do the most good.

Careful planning will help. Doing SOMETHING will help even more.

If you’re not sure what to do next, or are struggling somewhere along the way, a free consultation is just a call or email away.

Make the difference in your world. Start with your life and your mission.

The world you change will be your own.

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