Negotiating the Void

No, I’m not going to take you on some meditative journey. Rather, today is about how you might ride out the energetic troughs that inevitably hit every server.

First, some perspective. Everything is made up of energy. And energy is intelligence.

Certain types of energy — that which comes from our source — resonates with and within us more than others. It carries to us “information,” or if you will, light that illuminates our awareness and provides direction on how to create and process the lives we’re living.

I refer to this energy from our source as the inner flow. By tapping into it we “hear” our inner voice, or more particularly, the chorus of voices that is continually flowing to us from inside.

A particular aspect of this inner flow is to carry inspiration and desire. These fuel our missions, motivating us to think about and act upon them to manifest them in the 3D world.

Being within the flow brings feelings of peace and joy, for it indeed home to us, a natural state that reminds us (energetically, at least) of who we are and where we are from. At least for me, it is a high of indescribable pleasure and sense of fulfillment in the moment against which physical sensation pales.

When that flow is cut off or we move outside it, the opposite occurs. It’s like a drug addict going cold turkey, moving from a state nearing euphoria to an energetic depression.

Certainly it is hard to remain within the flow at all times, especially focused on matters of mission advancement. And frankly, I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

But going from its absolute high to the deep low of its absence can be excruciating for those who learn to live and work within it (it can also increase susceptibility to some of our emotional triggers — another story for another day).

This low is what I refer to as the void. It is the energetic “hole” that is created when we move outside the creative energies of our light into something else.

Truly, though, this state is not a void at all. Forces of all kinds bombard us all the time, impacting our moods and how our lives unfold. However, most of those other forces lack the harmonic alignment with our egoic energies necessary to bring us the great high of being within the flow, if we can even perceive them at all.

Nevertheless, “void” conveys the idea that we’re outside the flow and have to get by without its guidance, inspiration, good feelings, or whatever else it brings.

Being within the void is uncomfortable. It can leave us lost, drifting, questioning ourselves, our missions, our choice of careers, and even our relationships. But this does not mean the void is without value for the awakening server.

The void offers us the chance to take a pause and reflect on where we are, how we got there, and where we’re going with our lives. The mission is, after all, simply a creative expression to manifest our intention for a particular life, lifestyle or contribution to others, played out through a specific set of activities that we think will advance our cause.

In a sense, it is a chance to catch our breath and look around at where we are, to experience the beauty and wonder of the reality that’s already been created for our consumption without the distraction of the future one we hope will be.

It allows to look at what we did to get where we are, and re-examine the choices we made and how we interacted with life around us to get there. In short, the void is sort of a mini-soul review that allows us a few moments to recalibrate ourselves for the next set of experiences our souls require.

What those are may not be particularly clear. It usually isn’t, especially within the void. But then, there are many aspects of our inner processes that escape our outer awareness, and this is just one of many. It’s importance, though, cannot be overemphasized, for it allows our souls to decide whether a course correction is necessary without the life crises it might otherwise create to get our attention.

So if you are experiencing the void, do your best to enjoy it. Or at least tolerate it with greater awareness of what it might offer you.

Just don’t leave it all up to your soul. Much of that taking stock can be done by you at a conscious egoic level, and how you see and process it will help your soul decide what it needs next.

Maybe that next won’t be the mission you’re on at all, but some new direction to explore. Then again, maybe it will find it has no more need for all the struggles that were put in your way before, and re-routes your course to one of greater ease and impact.

Trust that whatever happens next is what will be needed for you at that time in this life. Now, though, you are where you are, outside the flow that you have begun to know and love. And that, too, is a valuable experience to acquire on your journey through life.

Try to make it with love. God bless you indeed.


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