Traveling the Path of Service

Most awakening servers will be quick to agree that the path of service is not always (ever?) an easy one to tread.

For truly, it’s all about the experiences needed for them to evolve.  Like lumps of coal molded by time, pressure and heat into diamonds, awakening servers set forth not only to share their gifts, but also to meet the challenges that will make them face themselves and grow closer to the source they serve and seek.

Yet, those who travel it don’t always do so out of passion or inspiration.  Rather, sometimes it becomes an obsession that they can’t put down, a means for them to do (or don’t) what they’re called to do.  As if moths drawn to the flame, they’re pulled deeper and deeper into their missions until they’re consumed by them.

Every server must at some point assume responsibility for the energies that flow from within and how they will be applied in their lives.  And in some cases, that means learning to throttle or redirect them into more manageable ways while their affairs are aligning to allow greater flow ahead.

Working with the inner energies is less a scientific application and more an art developed over many years, as much through trial and error as it is from study and observation of their lives and world around them.

Moreover, the manner in which it is practiced evolves as the server does.  For at first perception of the energies and guidance is spotty and unclear, often distorted and misapplied by the student eager to show his or her progress.  The resulting bumps in the road quickly get their attention through struggle, frustration and failure of purpose.

Nevertheless, it brings needed opportunities for growth, to know ourselves and what our lives are all about.  When the lessons are learned, we move on to the next. Or they come around again in another form, giving us the chance to meet the energies in a different way.

Notice I say little about your actual mission or the contribution you’re called to make.  As crucial as it is to the overall mosaic of the world we’re here to help create, in the grand scheme of things that contribution pales in comparison to the expansion it offers our souls and the rich experiences it brings along the way.

So as you face the challenges of your calling, take heart.  For they’re created for you, to better know yourself, test your abilities, and bring the best that you are to the moment at hand.

Cherish these moments, even the hardships and suffering that sometimes result.  They’re why you’re here.  They’re why you’re doing what you do.

The path of service, my friend, is all about you.  It’s your path.  It’s your evolution you’re serving.  And through that, you’re evolving the collective consciousness that creates this world.

God bless you indeed.  I am


~ John

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