What’s Your Plan to Create Your Mission?

Having a plan will greatly increase your chances of success. Just don't get too tied to it, because plans change. Remain flexible to meet new inspirations and the needs of the moment.

So what's yours?

Notwithstanding the importance of planning, we don't recommend you tie yourself just yet to a set-in-stone business plan. Yes, a plan is important. But it only provides a general guide for where you're going.

However, often the planning process can get distorted by inner factors that can turn your life upside down in so many ways. So it's a fine line between knowing whether you're moving in the direction your soul is calling, or simply giving in to their distortions that will manifest another set of dramas to distract you from the real job at hand -- evolving yourself, and through it evolving our world.

Don't let the familiar appeal of the outer world pull the wool over your eyes. The real impetus is from the soul inside that's calling you to action. It's the voice of that soul on which you MUST be clear lest you impair your ability to make whatever contribution it wants you to add.

So remember. Your mission may be to add something to the world, but running off half-cocked to try to "save the world" may not necessarily help you build a life that serves you. Nor may it help you better know yourself and what you're all about.

Our recommendation is therefore quite simple. Stop. Look. Listen. Take a time out from the activity of creating and consider all that's going on to make it happen.

And when in doubt, one test stands above all -- check your intent.

If you use your inner voice as a guide, it will help you put together a plan that works for you. All the other stuff -- legal, business, skills and know-how -- will then fall in line.

Know yourself. That's always a good place to start.

We're here to help if you need it.

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John Dennison is the principal behind MissionLaunch. He is a retired attorney, coach and business consultant who calls individuals to apply their creative energies to build a better tomorrow. He is a published poet, author (including "Whispers in the Silence"), blogger and speaker on making a difference. He can be reached here at MissionLaunch or at his personal website http://JohnDennison.com
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