Why is my mission such a struggle?

obstacles_optThis question is often whispered by many servers, usually when they’re alone and no one is around to hear but the God within. “Why do I struggle so?”

They’ve done everything they know to do, and worked to evolve themselves the best they can. They’ve felt the call of their soul to embark upon the mission, and answered it. But it hasn’t brought them success in very many regards. Sure, they’ve experienced moments of it here and there, but overall it leaves them wanting, struggling for a goal that remains beyond reach.

There can be many underlying spiritual themes at play in such situations, including dramas, distractions and distortions caused by inner conditions being raised for them to address. Yet something more is at work here that most servers overlook, instead beating themselves up thinking their troubles are related to some inner deficiency they have failed to overcome.

While those factors may be going on, and to some degree are in each of us, it is is important not to let the self-judgment overwhelm the ongoing effort to contribute, nor the bringing forth of the inner self at our core.

So let us look at the struggle to develop a “successful” mission in another way.


flashlight-on-path_optAnother way to see it

This is the time of changes. Things don’t work the way they used to.

The energies available for our creative efforts do not respond to outer will, and render old skill sets much like rusty tools lying unused in the tool box.

As a result, we find ourselves frustrated trying to develop missions that make a difference as well as provide us the support we need to maintain our lives and lifestyles. We’re all thumbs, working in the dark trying to assemble a creation with unfamiliar tools, with barely a glimpse of the plans for what it will look like when finished.

It is this uncertainty, this darkness, to which we must adjust. Though the light in us is strong, it does not clearly illuminate our way through the world nor the contribution we’re trying to make.


What’s more important than the mission?

While some of our attempted contributions may be of significance to the outer world, their greatest importance is the opportunity they offer us to explore the energies of this time of transition and to find a way to balance them within us and the lives we’re living.

We have chosen to incarnate now to experience the transition of energies from a world of three-dimensional duality to one of greater ability to integrate those extremes into a unified whole. Our struggles are the natural result of that effort, where we are seeing the impact of those new energies in our lives and missions.

It is not simply to make a shift and one day suddenly go from duality to integration. The shock to our systems, and our world, would be too great. Instead, we have to learn to work with and within those new energies and use them in new ways, essentially through our efforts developing by trial and error the foundations upon which future generations will build the new world.

We are more than explorers; we are pioneers who’ve come to carve out a place for mankind in this new world. But we live in a harsh environment, having to face risks and uncertainties that run far deeper than the superficial problems in our world today.


What will it take?

This new world requires a greater connection with source, and an ability to create in more subtle ways than just force of outer will and desire. These are important, and will remain part of our toolbox. But they must be wielded by an inner guidance and ability to marshal the creative substances without the distorting effects of the inner conditions that manifest runaway dramas and relegate our core desires to the scrapheap of wishful thinking.

Therefore our efforts to build missions and make a difference in the world will serve as vehicles by which we clear out this dross while developing the abilities and perspectives needed to fully function in the new environment that is now beginning to unfold.

Struggle may be part of the game, but that doesn’t mean we do so without peace. Rather, it is the integration of the energies of peace within us that will allow us to move through the difficulties of the transition and weather the storms ahead.

For there will be indeed storms, not just for our missions but for the world at large. It will be up to us to hold high the inner flame so that we might show others the way to negotiate the minefields and begin to make their transition as well.

Whether we do so with full awareness or eyes closed shut is the choice of each of us. We think it will help to know what’s going on so you can move through these energies in a better way.

We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to ask.

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