Our work is directed at empowering a very specific group of people to do what they're called to do.  I call them "awakening servers."  Let me explain.

This is the time of changes.  Many among us were born into this life to bring to bear certain gifts, understandings and/or perspectives in service of a Divine Plan that, in short, has humanity evolving to higher levels of consciousness, caring and connection.

As we awaken to our callings and the possibilities they offer, we are often filled with the urge to birth these visions into reality.  In effect, we are adding our piece of a great puzzle which, when completed, will usher in a period of peace and prosperity the likes of which the world has never know.

This is the Golden Age, and its time is at hand.

Some of these awakening servers are unable to do what their callings demand.  Sometimes it results from a lack of needed skills or know-how.  At others it's as a result of inner conditions that erect blockages to the flow of energy that must be addressed before they can move forward.  In still more it's trying to change the world without first changing themselves, causing them to poison the well and carry the seeds of today's problems into the future they want to create.

We address these issues on two fronts.  The first is at PeaceOptions, where we help them lay a foundation of peace through consciousness needed to create and live in this new reality.

The second is here at MissionLaunch, where we focus on overcoming their failures and frustrations by addressing the factors -- both inner and outer -- that block their way and frustrate their purpose on the path of service.

If you have an inner urge to make a difference, then you're probably hearing the inner whispers of your soul calling you to action.

We're here to make sure you can, and don't get waylaid along the way.

If things are getting you down or holding you back, DON'T DESPAIR.  Help is just a phone call away.